“Com Lam”Sticky rice in the Bamboo tube

Cơm Lam or Sticky rice cooked in the Bamboo tube  is a typical dish of ethnic minorities in mountainous area of Northwest Vietnam. Nowadays, you can get Cơm Lam  everywhere as in Ha Giang, Bac Kan, Cao Bằng, Dien Bien, Lao Cai province 

am thuc sapa, do nuong sapa, mon nuong sapa2

On the tray, they grilled sweet potato, eggs and chetnuts together.

“Cơm lam” has been cooked by Tay people for a long time. “ Cơm Lam” rice was prepared as a kind of meal for long journeys in the forests. Upon the journey, Vietnamese ethnic people will cook rice in a bamboo tube instead of a pot. By the time passed, “Cơm lam” rice has become more and more popular, and is preferred as impressive blend of rice, stream water and slight scent of bamboo.

am thuc sapa, do nuong sapa, mon nuong sapa1

Put sticky rice in the bamboo tube before cooked

“Cơm Lam” rice is served with grilled chicken or grilled pork. When you have opportunity to visit Sapa, don’t forget to eat this food with some local wine

am thuc sapa, do nuong sapa, mon nuong sapa3

Black chicken BBQ, Sugar cane, Mushroom with pork or beep most popular at Shop

“ Cơm Lam”  is made from sticky rice which is grown on the hills. Sticky rice is cleaned and put in a bamboo tube with some water. For more delicious taste, ethnic people usually use stream water with d some salt in the bamboo tube that will be covered up by banana leaves or tissue paper and roasted above red coals or hot fire. This process will be finished within about 40 minutes.