42 km – Mountain Marathon

This is a very hard but stunning Mountain Marathon for the experienced runner who is looking for a real challenge.

The trail will lead you of the beaten track to areas which are rarely visited by others than locals. First we worm up by running uphill few kilometers on a remote asphalt road before turning into an old path down the slippery jungle, a trail connecting villages in two valleys. This is the land of both Blach Hmong and Red Dao minorities.

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We will run through their small wooden village gates and hopefully see that it is season for harvesting of rice. The first climb is serious and will require fast walking for some. The trail goes round a mountain covered by rice fields an forest and we drop down into the limestone valley of Ta Phin and soon we are connected to the half marathon route when crossing the main road. Expect that your time is about double compared to a flat race! Therefore you must bring water and extra energy. If you are still racing 5.30 PM and do not have a headlamp, you will be cut off.

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Open to experienced runners above 18 years, who have completed at least 1 marathon.

Maximum time: 15 hours.

Recommended packing list:

. Sunblock

. Sunglasses

. Poncho

. Cap, visor or buff

. Trekking poles

. Blister kit

Required equipment for 42km – Marathon:

. Mandatory

. Water min. 1.5 L

. Electrolytes – you must ensure that you bring your own source of electrolytes /rehydration salts that will be sufficient for your personal needs during the duration of their run.

. Personal food/energy bars/gels etc. for the duration of the run. Expect to double the time compared with a flat race.

. Small money for buying energy (soft drinks/candy)  in local villages (20.000-100.000VND round 1-5USD)


. Mobile phone – in a waterproof carrier/casing and be on roaming or on the local network Viettel

. Poncho or waterproof top (no technical specifications, but should be sufficient to keep you dry in case of a heavy downpour)

. Basic first aid: Small roll of compression bandage (elastic crepe bandage), alcohol wipes, antiseptic cream and plasters.

If you are still racing 5.30 PM and do not have a headlamp, you will be cut off. It is thereby not mandatory for all, but if you are not 100% sure, you should bring one headlamp. info> In 2015, 50% of all runners were still racing after 5.30PM. Do not count your normal time for a flat Marathon!